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At Shawna Kuykendall Interiors, we provide comprehensive custom design services, guiding you from initial concept and ideation to the seamless completion of your project.

Interior Design

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At Shawna Kuykendall Interiors, we tailor our design process to elevate your space into a masterpiece. From initial consultations to meticulous concept development, material selection, and seamless execution, our expert team ensures your vision is realized from start to finish.

SK Home Furniture

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Elevate your space with our renovation expertise, offering strategic redesigns and upgrades to revitalize your existing interior. Additionally, our remodeling solutions encompass structural changes and layout modifications, completely transforming your space.

Art Curation

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Enhance your interiors with exceptional curated artworks by renowned artists. Our services encompass art selection aligned with your design aesthetic, artist collaboration to find pieces resonating with your vision, and seamless artwork installation and presentation within your space.

Renovations & Remodels

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We meticulously craft bespoke furniture, customized to complement your spaces and design preferences. With a range of customizable options, skilled craftsmanship, and a client-focused approach, we create unique pieces that reflect your individual style and needs.

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